Connect adruino UNO Rev3 to jetson tx1

hi all.
I have a problem. i connect Pin 0(Rx) and 1(Tx) of adruino to Pin 8(Tx) and Pin 10(Rx) of J21 (jeston tx1).
i question. How do jeston tx1 connect to adruino successful?
thanks all.
P/s: sorry my english not so good…!

The wiring you mention is correct (assuming the ground is also connected between the two).

A serial port will have a setting for speed (often 115200 on a Jetson), bits (I’ve never seen anything other than “8” except for some odd IBM systems), parity (“N” is for no parity, this is most common), and stop bits (default is “1” on a Jetson, but if you go to speeds higher than 115200 expect to need two stop bits). Abbreviated, the usual Jetson port speed is:

115200 8N1

The particular pins you mention though are reserved for serial console. Unless your arduino is a keyboard serial port program, this probably is not the serial UART you are interested in. On the developer carrier board you may instead be interested in J17. J17 corresponds to “/dev/ttyTHS2”.

At times you may see reference to “CTS/RTS”. These are hardware flow control wires which are optional. At higher speeds this may become more useful. If software does not use this, then there is no need to worry about this.