Pin layout of J17,J21,J26 ,turning on all serial communication.

He, i am new to jetson tx2 , was trying out communicating with arduino from ttyTHS1 port not able to read or write data.

I don’t know all of the serial, but J21 is the serial console. You can’t use this for arbitrary purposes unless you go through a lot of effort to remove serial console. J17 is a good choice, it is “/dev/ttyTHS2”. It does work with 115200 8N1 (you may need to change settings at both sides for other values…it is ok to simply try at whatever your device defaults to).

Thanks for the immediate response

I will try to use the “/dev/ttyTHS2”, will post the update on the result soon.

I am actually trying to connect Arduino mega with the serial 3 Port of Arduino mega for my robot because I have coded all the other things with respect to serial 3 and the remaining uart ports is also used.

If possible please help me out with the serial communication between Nvidia Jetson tx2 and Arduino.

Thanks once again.

I’ve never used Arduino so there isn’t much I could say. Anything at 115200 or slower should be reasonably easy to work with. Just be sure to use twisted pair on your RX/TX since noise is a common cause of failure.

Thanks for the update,

I will use the shielded tp or a modified USB cable to avoid noise and crosstalk.