Connect with multiple user to streaming client

Hi. Actually I’m working with Isaacsim running on a server. I can normally connect to the server via wi-fi and stream video using the streaming client. The problem is that we can not stream multiple user in the same time, to better understand, we are two people working on the same server, we can connect both to the server via linux shell but only one of us can use the sreaming client if i need to use the streaming client i have to ask my collegue to disconnect and viceversa. So my question is, there is a way to stream multiple instance of the streaming client at the same time?

Let me ask and find out. Are you both just viewing the stream ? Who is controlling the data ?
Why don’t you have one of you just log into the server directly using remote desktop and view the actual monitor feed ?

Thank you for the answer. We are both connected to the server using ssh, but we can’t use the streaming client in the same time. Actually we are working on two different project so each one of us is using different data and we want to use different instances of the streaming client. Use the monitor feed could be a good solution i will try.
But a way to have multiple instance of the streaming client and isaacsim would be the best solution for us. Thank you

At the moment, the streaming solution is peer to peer. One to one. IF you were to start two instances of Issac Sim on the same server (not that this is a great idea) you might be able to start two separate instances of webrtc to two different end points. But that is certainly not ideal. If you are two people working on two different Issac Sim projects, you ideally need two servers or at least two workstations.

Thank you for the help, but searching in the forum i have found this solution to create different docker each one with own CPU and IP address.

This is not the best solution but for the moment is enough, but i’m having problems trying to create the docker’s web, can you suggest me how to do it?

I would start here

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