How to set a custom port for WebRTC in Isaac Sim 2023.1.0

We are using the container version of Isaac Sim 2023.1.0 on a Linux machine to run multiple instances of the Isaac Sim simultaneously. When the default port for WebRTC is taken (e.g., when another container is using it), Isaac Sim chooses a random port. Is there a way to set this port manually somehow?

Currently, we recommend running only one instance of Isaac Sim per VM for optimal performance but there are a few methods to run multiple instances.

You can change the http server port in the omni.isaac.sim.base.kit file. Look for:

exts.“”.port = 8211

The other communications ports might remain the same and could be conflicting.

The next method is to run each container with it’s own subnet and static IP addresses. You could also remap the ports with this method.