connecting a display[tab] via bluetooth

There was found a description from which it comes up that the subject is possible: [scheme at page 7]
They seem to use and
There also was found instructions :
I am just wondering if you have experience connecting a display over Bluetooth.

Were you able to figure this out?

Unfortunately the tab which I have seems to have issues with that sort of connections.
May be yours would support the method.

I don’t have Jetson TX2 and I have never tried it on TX2 but my experience on Jeton TK1 might help you.

I connected my tablet to Jetson TK1 via bluetooth or wifi and I could run some sample CUDA programs on Jetson TK1 and displaying them on the tablet.
I wrote about it in japanese before:

Using a tablet as display requires:

  1. Running remote desktop server program on Jetson
  2. Your tablet and Jetson are on same Network and you can get the IP address of the Jetson.
  3. Run remote desktop client program on the tablet, set IP address of the Jetson and other options to connect to the remote desktop server on Jetson

I used TurboVNC as remote desktop server.
I don’t have Jetson TX2 and have never tried it but Desktop sharing options on Jetson TX2 might work.

There are many ways to put a tablet and Jetson on same network.
Connect them to a router using LAN cable might be an easiest way but you would need USB ethernet adapter for your tablet.
Connect them to same wifi access point or make Jetson as wifi access point and connect a tablet to it.
Bluetooth PAN can be used to connect a tablet to Jetson.
Jetson TK1 doesn’t have bluetooth so I used USB bluetooth adapter.
I installed blueman to my Jetson TK1 and I used it to pairing my Jetson and tablet and making network between them.
Bluetooth PAN require CONFIG_BRIDGE and CONFIG_BT_BNEP kernel options.
I think following commands can be used on Jetson TX2 to check these options are enabled on your kernel.

zcat /proc/config.gz | grep BRIDGE
zcat /proc/config.gz | grep BT_BNEP

If they are not enabled, you would need to build your kernel.

wifi is faster than bluetooth PAN and works smoother but bluetooth consume less enegery.

As Andrey1984 said, I installed JuiceSSH and bVNC on my android tablet.
They also worked on my android smart phone.
JuiceSSH is not required for remote desktop but it is useful when you want to test network connection to Jetson or run some commands on it.
Just “ping (IP address of Jetson)” on android terminal app on a tablet can also be used to test the connection.

Thank you for sharing the method!

Thanks for sharing! I see that you used the logitech bluetooth adapter for the jetson, is there a specific reason why or can any other be used?

also, can you use an apple tablet instead?

There is no specific reason to that bluetooth adapter.
I bought it for my desktop PC long time ago and I just reused it for my Jetson TK1.
Fortunately, it was supported by the kernel on my Jetson TK1 and it worked.
I think any bluetooth devices supported by Linux can be used.

Jetson TX1/TX2 have Bluetooth, so I don’t think you need to connect bluetooth adapter.

I don’t have any apple tablets.
You might be able to use it if you can find some VNC app supports TurboVNC.