Connecting AGX Orin Developer Kit to Monitor through USB

Hi there,

I have recently acquired a Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit and I noticed that there’s only a Display Port to connect a monitor which I do not have for my current monitor. I am well aware that I can simply use a HDMI to DisplayPort adapter. However, I am wondering if there’s an option to connect a Monitor through USB.

For the AGX Xavier, which I’ve been using before, it was possible to connect a USB-C hub (such as this one to feed the HDMI cable to the Jetson through USB-C. Trying the exact same thing for the AGX Orin does not seem to work unfortunately (?). So I am wondering if it would work if I connected such a hub to one of the USB-A plugs that the Orin provides. I only have one that goes with USB-C so maybe you can tell me before I buy one?

The reason I am asking: I would like to be able to connect keyboard, mouse and monitor all through one USB plug since it minimizes the amount of ports I need on the outside of my packaging if I want to access the Jetson. Would be a bit of a shame if that’s not possible anymore!

Thanks a lot for your help.

Actually, the AGX Xavier type C usb + displayport solution is a hardware solution but not software solution.

I mean that was working because we have a converter chip to help put the display signal to our internal port. However, Orin’s USB port does not have this chip inside.

Thanks for the quick answer :)
This essentially means that the only way to connect a monitor to the AGX Orin is through it’s DisplayPort correct?

Yes, sorry for this.

what a pitty…
Thanks anyways.

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