Jetson Orin Nano Display Problems

I have a handy monitor that includes USB Type-C and Mini HDMI ports. When I use the Agx Xavier, I just use the Type-C to Type-C cable to connect the Xavier to the monitor, which is convenient. I noticed that the Jetson Orin Nano only outputs the display signal through the DP port, what should I use to output it on my monitor? Are the following two options viable?
1. Use a DP to Type-C cable to connect the Jetson to the monitor. (Do I need additional driver software support?)
2. Use a DP to HDMI cable and then an HDMI to Mini HDMI adapter.
I prefer option 1, please let me know if this is feasible.

Only native DP or active DP-HDMI adapter are working.

There is no usb c to DP on any Orin board design anymore.

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