Connecting Jetson TX2 with Intel Xeon E5-2600 over PCIe

Hi, I am new in the development of PCIe. My target is to connect Jetson TX2 with Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor over PCIe link. I studied a little bit and I found out that Jetson TX2 or Xeon can not be configured as end point as both are root complex systems. But in the datasheet of Xeon E5-2600 it was mentioned that there is a builtin PCIe NTB support. Now i am wondering if this is possible to connect JetTX2 with Xeon over PCIe by using PCIe cable and enabling NTB support. Right now I don’t have Xeon processor, i am going to order it if this things works otherwise i have to go for any other solution. I can not use external NTB bridge due to some limitations. Or if there is any possibility to use JetTX2 as endpoint.

Thanks you.

First things first, Jetson-TX2 doesn’t support endpoint mode of operation.
As far as connecting it to an NT port (of Xeon), well, concept-wise, an NT port is nothing but two endpoints connected back-to-back, Jetson-TX2 would treat the NT end facing it like an endpoint and it would work. I think, here we need to understand more about any limitations of Xeon’s NTB working.

Hi, In my case by using Xeon NTB I am assuming that Xeon is going to be endpoint for Jetson TX2 in such configuration. But i am unable to find any documents related to such kind of configuration to study and implement.
Also if there is any other documents which help us to understand how we can use Jetson TX2 with NTB cards.

Not really. I mean the NTB fabric shows a back-to-back connected endpoints to both Jetson-TX2 and Xeon. Both TX2 are Xeon work in RP configuration. It is the NTB fabric that implements the endpoints.
To know more about NTB, any generic documentation would do and anything specific to Xeon NTB, you should refer to the Xeon’s NT documentation