Connecting two jetson xavier nx devices using HDMI to HDMI cable

I have two of the jetson xavier nx, lets name them A and B. each one have a display port and a hdmi port. Jetson A is Connected to Jetson B using HDMI to HDMI cable.and the display screen is connected to jetson B using DP to DP cable. I want to read a video locally on jetson A, and display the video on the screen connected to Jetson B using python and opencv in real time. can I do such thing?

Jetson display port only supports as display source.

so It is not possible to use the hdmi port as an output port to transfer a video to another device?

The logic here is not correct… you cannot use jetson hdmi port as an input port… that is what I wanted to say.

does the same thing apply to the display port?

Yes, jetson display port can work as output port… this port has no input functionality.

okay, then i have misunderstod the design documentation.
just for more clarification, those ports cannot also be used to transfer the video, they only can be used as a display source?
moreover, the hdmi and the dp ports are connected internally? so they both output the same thing?

I don’t know what is your definition of “transfer video”.

Jetson HDMI and DP are actually same pins but could be configured to each other.

With pinmux change and device tree change, you can configure it as either DP or HDMI.

Our devkit gives an example of one DP and one HDMI. But some customers want to make their own carrier board with 2 HDMI or 2 DP. That is also feasible. Just need to change the software by themselves.

with transferring video I mean to stream a video that is locally saved in the jetson device, I am asking if i can stream the video to another device using these ports? I want to work as if its an hdmi camera, so the jetson will output the video using the hdmi port and stream it to another device.

You need to use other device, for example, capture card to achieve what you need.

Thank you Wayne!

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