Does Jetson Xavier NX support 2 HDMI monitors?

I checked the datasheet of Xavier NX(1.6.1 HDMI and DisplayPort Interfaces) and I understand that Xavier NX can do two display outputs with HDMI port and DP.
So, I have one question in the following:
Is it possible for Xavier NX to do two display outputs with the combination of HDMI port and HDMI?
(It means Xavier NX can display two output from two HDMI connector)

Yes, it can. But device tree configuration is required. The hardware can either output HDMI or DP signal.

Thank you for the answer quickly.
In addition, I have one more question in the following:
If Xavier NX can display two output from two HDMI connectors, does it only support mirroring outputs?

I am not sure why some users keep asking about “mirror outputs”. What is the exact definition of “mirror outputs” here?

You can just buy a NX devkit and try it with two displays case and see if that is what you want.

It does not matter it is HDMI or DP. The behavior is same. Just with different interfaces.

hi, if xavier nx model is configured as two HDMI port, hardware how to connect CEC pin?


Only one CEC is supported. Not every monitor could have CEC.

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BTW, actually end-to-end CEC is not yet supported on L4T.

ok, ths

Thank you for the information.
When we edit the device tree for displaying two outputs from two HDMI connectors, which file should we modify?


You need to firstly download the kernel source code. And the dts file is


I have already downloaded the kernel source but, I cannot find the tegra194-p3509-disp.dtsi in the path of hardware/nvidia/platform/t19x/jakku/kernel-dts/common/

What did you see in that path?

I am sorry…I can find the file.
It just disappeared…

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I would like to know the content of edit for displaying two outputs from two HDMI connectors in the tegra194-p3509-disp.dtsi file.
The edit is:
&sor0_dp_display {
status = “okay”;
nvidia,is_ext_dp_panel = <1>;

&sor0_dp_display {
status = “okay”;
disp-default-out {
nvidia,out-flags = <TEGRA_DC_OUT_HOTPLUG_LOW>;

I just copied the setting from existing HDMI port to overwrite the config of existing DP port at the above.
Is the content of the edit correct?

I also referred to the link in the following:

Not correct.

There are nodes


Thus, if you want to use HDMI, you need to disable dp node and enable the hdmi node. If you are not familiar with device tree structure, find someone who is familiar with linux kernel to help you out.

Also, “nvidia,active-panel” needs to be changed to the hdmi node too.

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