Connection diagram for HDMI signal pairs on TX2


I’m digging through documentation to connect single HDMI port on custom carrier and found this picture in OEM Product Design Guide:

Is it correct pin mapping, especially HDMI_Connector_CK (P/N) <> Jetson TX2 (D37/D36) ?

On table 39 (page 38) i found slightly different pin mapping, which also perfectly matches P2597 board schematics:

HDMI_Connector_CK (P/N) <> Jetson TX2 (E36/E35)

I would be glade for any advice on which connection map is better to use.

It has been fixed in latest OEM DG in DLC that E35/E36 and H35/H36 should be the CLK.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for the update.
I just realized i used really old design guide released in 2017.