ConnectX-6 DX SR-IOV libvirt error


I’m trying to provide a VF to my instance via libvirt, but I’m getting the following error when I entered the command virsh create instance.xml:

error: internal error: missing IFLA_VF_INFO in netlink response

The MLNX_OFED version I have installed is MLNX_OFED_LINUX-5.5-

Please let me know how to mitigate the above error.

Hi bk-2,

Please verify if the libvirt version is 7.1.0 and above. Based on the error string shared, it looks like you are experiencing issue identified as a bug in libvirt that was fixed in following commit —> util: Add phys_port_name support on virPCIGetNetName · libvirt/libvirt@5b1c525 · GitHub

If correct version of libvirt is used on your setup and if this involves further debug, I would like to request opening a support ticket by emailing

Please note a valid support contract is needed for the same. For details on contracts, please feel free to contact our contracts team at


Thanks for your reply.

I’ll check it out and bring it here if there are any errors.