Connectx-7 and vsphere 8.0 beta

Does anyone know if any of the new cx-7 ethernet nics can work with the beta of vsphere 8.0?

So far, only support to CX6 ESXi7.x, you need wait for future WMware ESXi release.

I was told and there is reference to vsphere 8 in the nvidia documentation that the cx-7 nics are supported.

VMware Driver Installation

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This section describes VMware Driver Installation.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Requirement Description
Platforms A server platform with an adapter card based on NVIDIA devices:
  • ConnectX®-7 (EN) (firmware: fw-ConnectX7)|
    |Operating System|ESXi 8.x|
    |Installer Privileges|The installation requires administrator privileges on the target machine.|

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