Control of prompt based 3D content creation



Does creating these 3D environment using prompt can adhere to strict constraints like scale of an obj file has to be a specific value. And can we ask the prompt use a specific obj file? How much control do we have on the domain.

There are two places in the process where you can add constraints. The first is in your prompt engineering and the second is in your post-processing of the prompt results.

When you craft your prompt, you could give GPT a list of acceptable responses and then ask it to only use those responses. You can see an example of this in starting on line 32 where it says:

"For each object you need to store:

  • object_name: name of the object
  • X: coordinate of the object on X axis
  • Y: coordinate of the object on Y axis
  • Z: coordinate of the object on Z axis
  • Length: dimension in cm of the object on X axis
  • Width: dimension in cm of the object on Y axis
  • Height: dimension in cm of the object on Z axis
  • Material: a reasonable material of the object using an exact name from the following list: Plywood, Leather_Brown, Leather_Pumpkin, Leather_Black, Aluminum_Cast, Birch, Beadboard, Cardboard, Cloth_Black, Cloth_Gray, Concrete_Polished, Glazed_Glass, CorrugatedMetal, Cork, Linen_Beige, Linen_Blue, Linen_White, Mahogany, MDF, Oak, Plastic_ABS, Steel_Carbon, Steel_Stainless, Veneer_OU_Walnut, Veneer_UX_Walnut_Cherry, Veneer_Z5_Maple."

You can use this type of pattern to apply other constraints to any of those properties.

When you get the results back from GPT you can enforce any other constraints you might want. The limit here is only what you can code in python!

Thanks for your response!

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