Controlling LEGO Technic (motor/servo) with the Nvidia Jetson

Fast and inexpensive prototyping can be accomplished by combining LEGO Technic for interacting with the environment and a NVIDIA Jetson for computer vision.

To control LEGO Power Functions’ motors and/or servo motors with a NVIDIA Jetson Nano, a PCA9685 and an H-bridge (L293) can be used. The PCA9685 offers 16 PWM (pulse-width modulation) channels and is controlled via I2C from the NVIDIA Jetson.

By changing the duty cycle of the PWM channels rotation speed of a Power Functions’ motor. Also the rotation direction can be set. The position of a servo motor is controllable by the duty cycle of the PWM channel.

The wiring of the LEGO Power Functions’ cable is simple and a breakout cable can be soldered in a few minutes.

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