Controlling Stepper motors with Jetson Nano


To preface, I’m new to working with microcontrollers and this will be my first project working with any of the kind. For my project, I have to use 3-4 (most likely 4) stepper motors that needs to be controlled through the Jetson Nano. I’m planning on controlling the motors with the Jetson.GPIO Python library. I have some questions about how to connect these stepper motors to the Jetson Nano.

The motors I bought are 6V 0.8 A unipolar stepper motors ( and I was wondering what drivers I should buy to connect the motors to the Jetson Nano for compatibility? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I was looking at the Jetson Nano J41 Header Pinout sheet online (NVIDIA Jetson Nano J41 Header Pinout - JetsonHacks) to see what pins I can connect the motors to and don’t quite understand what each of the pin names mean or do in terms of functionality (i.e I2C_2_SDA, UART_2_TX, SPI_2_SCK, etc). Are there references I can be pointed to online that can give me more information on what each specific pin does in terms of what can be connected to them and functionality? I’m also unsure if the Jetson Nano can even support up to 4 stepper motors. What pins exactly on the Jetson Nano J41 Header Pinout can be used to connect the stepper motors? If not, what are some solutions to being able to connect and control 4 stepper motors?

Anyone with experience and guidance or can point me to some references would be much appreciated.


hello user19355,

please check the pinmux spreadsheets for the pin configurations.
usually, you’ll need to use PWMs to drive the stepper motors.
please also refer to Topic 178959 for using PWM on Jetson Nano series.

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