Converting Pytorch model through ONNX: "UNSUPPORTED_NODE: No importer registered for op: Greater"

I’m trying to convert an ONNX model, built from Pytorch, into TensorRT
Unfortunately, it can’t handle a “Greater” layer.

How can I solve this issue? is it possible to implement this layer myself, when loading from ONNX? Is there another recommended way to convert a Pytorch model to TensorRT in which a straightforward layer such as “Greater” has an implementation, or a way to implement it myself?



It looks like the model you are converting to TensorRT contains unsupported layers and operation.

For a list of supported operations, please reference:

For unsupported layers, users can extend TensorRT functionalities by implementing custom layers using the IPluginV2 class for the C++ and Python API. Custom layers, often referred to as plugins, are implemented and instantiated by an application, and their lifetime must span their use within a TensorRT engine.

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