Converting the example to a Standalone Application using Jupyter Notebook- jupyter notebook

Hello everyone;
Unfortunately, I am not able to grant read and write permission to users, I think this may be caused

the following error after running the tutorial:

Failed to save layer anon:0x1585af30:World0.usd to new path omniverse://localhost/Users/user/temp_jupyter_stage.usd

the buttons are blocked and the tutorial provided for the server is quite ambiguous can someone guide me on how to grant my user admin access to nucleus server?

I am actually going through this documentation:

I am trying to use jupyter notebook but I am not able to access the USD file in the terminal.

I suspect this is because I do not have permission to read and write files in localhost, I did investigate the nucleus navigator but I could not change permissions! it is getting complicated can you guide me through the solution?

Hi @ahn.paf. Can you try writing the file to a directory that exists? I’m guessing this directory doesn’t exist: omniverse://localhost/Users/user. Try an existing user directory or create a new one and try again.