Jupyter / docker incompatibility?

I am running isaac in a docker container, and have been happily using it by starting the simulation app manually using the --allow-root flag. I am now trying to transition to using jupyter to interact with the simulation, but running into problems.

How should jupyter be started when running on docker? What I tried is the following command executed inside the container:
root@xxxxxxxxx:/isaac-sim# ./jupyter_notebook.sh standalone_examples/notebooks/hello_world.ipynb --allow_root

This starts the jupyter kernel without any errors, and I am able to connect to it and execute cells in the notebook. When I try to execute the first cell, I get the following warning:

Omniverse Kit cannot be run as the root user without the --allow-root flag.
Running as root should not be necessary under most circumstances.
Doing this may cause kit to encounter errors when running as a normal user again.

followed by an Exception thrown by carb:

It seems that the allow-root flag gets lost somewhere along the way. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @user150540

There is a hard coding solution for this error (may not be the best practice)

You can add the line args.append("--allow-root") to the SimulationApp (/isaac-sim/exts/omni.isaac.kit/omni/isaac/kit/simulation_app.py line 248) to force running the application as root (and to recover the lost flag)

After that just run ./jupyter_notebook.sh standalone_examples/notebooks/hello_world.ipynb --allow-root

This issue has been fixed and will be in the next version.
In the next version, run Jupyter notebook with ./jupyter_notebook.sh standalone_examples/notebooks/hello_world.ipynb --allow-root will work.