[Fix for Tutorial 3.8] Running Jupyter Server as root in Docker

Tutorial 3.8 requires --allow-root argument in 2 places in order to be executed in a remote container setup.

  1. The launch command should be ./jupyter_notebook.sh standalone_examples/notebooks/hello_world.ipynb --allow-root. That means, one needs to add --allow-root flag.
  2. When the first cell with the call to SimulationApp()is executed, one is still getting an error

Omniverse Kit cannot be run as the root user without the --allow-root flag.

Therefore, the solution that worked for me was to edit the file exts/omni.isaac.kit/omni/isaac/kit/simulation_app.py and add the line args.append("--allow-root") after line 250. This ensures that the “–allow-root” flag is passed when SimulationApp() is called.

If there is a nicer solution, I would be happy to learn about it.

Hi, we have a solution and it will be in our next release. You can use this patch below on simulation_app.py:

if os.geteuid() == 0 and "--allow-root" not in unknown_args:

Nice, thank you for the fix!

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