Could not find camera-capture tool in Jetson Nano...

Hello. I am trying to collect my own datasets but I was not able to launch camera-capture tool for it.
From terminal window I got result as a
‘xalil@xalil-desktop:~/jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin$ camera-capture --camera=/dev/video0
bash: camera-capture: command not found’

Most probably I am doing something wrong.
Thank you in advance.
Regards from Portugal.

Have a check nvgstcapture-1.0 or have a check below document.

Hi, try launching it with a ./ in front of camera-capture:

xalil@xalil-desktop:~/jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin$ camera-capture --camera=/dev/video0

If that doesn’t work, and camera-capture binary is not found in your jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin directory, try these steps:

$ sudo apt-get install qtbase5-dev
$ cd jetson-inference/build
$ cmake ../
$ make

The camera-capture app should then be built.

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