Could not initialize one or more signals for this graph


I am using VS2012 and nsight 3.1 to test a sample from Directx SDK.
And it shows me with this error:截图20131004210038.png
Could not initialize one or more signals for this graph.
And I could not see any shader under the shader list. Any idea how to fix this?
Thank you.

I am using Geforce GTX 660m on my laptop.


Which driver version do you have installed and what OS & bitness?

I am using Windows 64. I am using the newest driver version. Just updated it. Thank you.


This is most likely due to optimus. Are you able to turn it off so that you can drive the display from the GTX 660M?
That should get you going.


Hi, thank you for your replay. I couldn’t turn off the Optimus or whatever switch technology for the graphic card. But I do have another laptop which is optimus, too. I could not get it work even with the remote debugging. Shouldn’t that work for two computers?
Thank you.


Unfortunately as of right now, if you can’t turn off optimus on the target machine (regardless if it is local or remote debugging), you will not be able to do graphics debugging with Nsight.
Is there a way to turn optimus on that 2nd laptop? What is the NVIDIA GPU on it?