Crash at app termination (nvcuda64.dll)


After updating the driver to 545.84, this issue:
seems to be resolved.

However now I observe that some programs crash at their termination.
The issue disappears if I remove explicit CUDA context destruction at the end of the program. So I can (kind of) ignore this issue but this seems weird, so I’m reporting.

I made a repro (not so minimum but decently small):
(Repro rate is quite high (~95%) but not 100% in my environment, and debug build possibly meets the issue more often than Release)

I can observe something happens in nvcuda64.dll.

Of course it is possible that my program/OptiX wrapper has had some issues and it has become obvious with the latest driver. However the program (without reducing unrelated code to make the repro) had been stable for a long time.

Could you take a look the repro to see what’s going on inside CUDA/OptiX?


Windows 11 Pro 23H2, 22631.2428
Visual Studio Community 2022, 17.7.5
OptiX 8.0.0
CUDA 12.2 Update 2
Ryzen 9 7950X
RTX 4080
Driver: 545.84

Interestingly, the issue seems to less likely happen in the first run just after cleaning the solution or code modification (at least in my environment).

Thanks for the reproducer.
I can see that error call stack as well on 545.86 drivers and filed an internal bug report for investigation.

Has this issue been resolved since 550 driver?

According to our bug database, the fix for that was integrated into R545 drivers end of November 2023.
That should have been forwarded to newer driver branches as well.

I currently cannot lookup exactly which display driver versions contain the change, but looking into the list of released display drivers for your RTX 4080, the 546.65 or 551.23 drivers would be candidates to contain it.

Thanks for clarification.
I’ll mark this issue resolved.

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