Create ACL Deny Traffic between vlan on VRF

hello, everyone

In a laboratory with 2 SN2410 switches, I need to create ACL rules either with nv set or iptables, ebtables that allow me to deny traffic between VRFs

I have 150 vlans distributed in vrf, which are configured with VRR, MLAG

I need to be able to create rules that allow me to ensure that all vlan traffic that is in the vrf DEV cannot see traffic from any vlan of the VRF QA

Is it possible to create ACL rules that allow me to do the above.


VRFs are by their design isolated at L3 but this includes L2 and L1 as well. I don’t think you would need to create any ACLs to accomplish this as it is the default behavior unless you are performing VRF route leaking which was not mentioned in the query.

Ok, thanks for your comments