Cross compilation of the visionworks library

I am facing a problem when trying to cross compile my application using the visionworks library (v1.6.0) for the DrivePX2 plateform (Vibrante

The host machine runs on an Ubuntu 16.04 and the the target is the DPX2 (aarch64).

What I have done is to retrieve the from the DPX2 and add it to my cross compile environment. (My cross compile environment works fine without the visionworks dependancy.)

But I have the following errors during the linking process : undefined reference to `VTT for std::__cxx11::basic_stringstream<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator >@GLIBCXX_3.4.21’ undefined reference to `vtable for std::__cxx11::basic_ostringstream<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator >@GLIBCXX_3.4.21’

Do you have any hints about these errors?

I think it is due to the fact that the gcc compiler version is different between the one I use to cross compile and the one used to compile the visionworks library.

How could I correct these errors?
Should I cross compile visionworks library? Is it possible to retrieve the visionworks library already cross compiled.


Dear tcoursin,

Unfortunately, we don’t support cross compilation yet. Thanks.