CSI-2 on Orin via the Auvidea?

The Auvidea B112 HDMI to CSI-2 Bridge has a ribbon cable connector as output

whereas the Orin has the J509 camera connector

Can you please tell me if there is a converter available between these two connection types, or if there is a J509 native HDMI converter on the market that will handle 4k30?

Or, alternately, if there is a better or preferred method of feeding HDMI into the Orin.

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This section of the forums is for assistance with network Switches running Cumulus Linux.

I believe the place for Orin discussions is the following:

Please post the question in the Orin section of the forums so that others may benefit from the responses as well.

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Moving this topic to the Jetson Orin category.

Please check with Auvidea for this. For such converter you can check with the partner in Ecosystem.

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