CUDA 10 nvJPEG not available on Windows? Why?

As the title says, the page describing nvJPEG library redirects you to CUDA download claiming this library is part of CUDA when it actually isn’t, at least for Windows platform.

Is this a simple omission or NVIDIA really does not want to offer the same libraries on all platforms? What happened to orthogonality and how do we develop cross-platform stuff with such segregation?

Hi Igor,
Thanks for your interest and the feedback on our libraries. Yes, we will support nvJPEG across key platforms including Windows in the very near future. We started the initial version on Linux-X86 but soon other OS targets will be added.

We are committed to supporting your cross-platform development!


I am also interested in nvJPEG for Windows, any ETA?

Hello, thanks for letting us know. Could you please provide an ETA? If not by date, then by release version of CUDA which will contain library for Windows (and also Mac if NVIDIA didn’t abandon Mac developers already).