[CUDA 11.0RC] CentOS8, GTX1070 boot failure with driver version 450

Has problem entering GUI after installing nvidia drivers (version 450):
dnf install module nvidia-drivers:latest-dkms
Has gnome problem like this.

oh no, something has gone wrong. a problem has occurred and the system can’t recover. Please Log out and try again.

Has tried booting without GUI. It is normal. And the nvidia drivers were loaded (checked using lspci).

The issue stays the same using either drivers from cuda 11.0rc local rpm, cuda-rhel8 or RPMfusion.
The issue stays the same after installing nvidia drivers immediately after reinstalling CentOS.
The issue stays the same for GNOME and KDE.
The issue stays the same under CentOS 8.1 and 8.2
In this case I believe it is the problem with the drivers.
My question:
Could it be possible to install cuda11.0 using the version 440 driver?
cuda 10.2 works. driver version 440 works.
My motivation for cuda11.0 is that I need to use icc 19.1 for build.
Maybe I would try reporting this issue to the driver developers as well.