Cuda 4.0 together with Cuda 3.2 on Win 7, 64 bit..

Guys I posted it before… I need to install CUDA 4.0 and 3.2 on the same Win 7 laptop for Developemnt purposes. Unfortunately I cannot use virtualization so have to stick to main OS.

Will I have any issues and what is the order I should do it in as both include SDKs and a toolkit?

Anyone done it before on Win/Win7?

Help !!

Have done that. No issues. Just use different custom build rules for separate projects.

Hey thanks.
I used Cuda 4 and installed into he default directory plus all the toolkits tuat came with
It. Should i just uninstall 4.0 and then install 3.2 in one separate folder including all toolkits
And then install 4.0 into another folder plus all 4.0 toolkits, b/c i use the default structure it may mess up the nvcc compilers.

Amazing that this topic never came up on this forum. Hopefully VMware will support gpu virtualization in the future… Although i doubt it can be done easy…