Cuda 5.5 error install with VisualStudio Ultimate 2013 Preview (solved)


GTX 670
Installer says I haven’t got VS installed… I have both 2012 and 2013…
Which means I have to reinstall VS 2013 Preview and get VS 2011??

Or there might be another way?

CUDA 5.5 supports VS2012. Presumably the 2013 install confused the CUDA 5.5 installer. My advice would be to install the latest service patch for VS2012 and try the CUDA 5.5 installer again. If that does not work, uninstall both VS2013 and VS2012, install VS2012, update with the latest service and install CUDA 5.5 then.

I’ve uninstalled all VS I had, and installed VS2012, ran CUDA setup again… now I have got CUDA 5.5 on my pc))) thanks!