CUDA 8.0 on Debian


previous versions of CUDA such as 7.5 and 8.0rc1 installed flawlessly by using the Ubuntu RUN installer. I have now encountered a problem with the recent CUDA 8.0. It reports it cannot find a perl module named “”. The module comes with the CUDA installer, but then cannot be found. It appears perl5 doesn’t include the current directory on Debian and one needs to set it explicitly:

$ export PERL5LIB=.

This lets one install CUDA 8.0 with the Ubuntu RUN installer on Debian.


I am an experienced CUDA programmer and Linux and Windows user, but spent several hours on this on the CUDA 8.0 RC build about a month ago and gave up in defeat.

I can confirm the problem and the effectiveness of the solution that you give.

A hat tip and drinks on me when you’re in town. Cheers!

This hack does not work anymore on the latest cuda 8 releases sadly.

I don’t even understand why debian is not supported. Ubuntu is based on Debian. What’s wrong with you NVIDIA…

extract with --tar mxvf
copy the file to usr/share/perl/whatever
include lib64 in /etc/