Cuda 8 Install Fails on Ubuntu 16.04 (fails to find openjdk-8-jre)

I cannot install the Cuda 8.0 toolkit on Ubuntu 16.04 any longer. Looks like the installer stops because it could not locate this version of openjdk-8-jre at the Ubuntu main repo:


Looking further at the repo, it looks like there were some changes made recently and I am wondering if they altogether wiped out that version and replaced with this one:
openjdk-8-jre_8u131-b11-2ubuntu1.16.04.2_amd64.deb (note the 2ubuntu, instead of 0ubuntu).

Unfortunately, Cuda 8 fails because the 0ubuntu version cannot be found at the repo…

Thanks for the help.

what if you try to install CUDA 8 using the runfile installer?

So we gave it a try today and it works now. Can’t be sure what changed, but it no longer hangs on the missing openjdk-8 package.

Very odd occurrence…