CUDA C++ class for representing images

Can someone point me to some object oriented like wrapping of creating an image object in CUDA. So, what I would like to achieve is to be able to load 2, or 4-dimensional images (which could either be gray scale or colour) and be able to load them either on the texture or GPU main memory from the CPU.

I am also looking to explore how to wrap all this in OO C++ classes and I was wondering if someone could point me to some already existing class which someone might have developed or have some pointers on how to start writing such a class myself. I am ok with C++ but looking to start out with CUDA again after a long time.


Hello @xargon

OpenCV is proposing a cv::cuda::GpuMat to wrap CUDA buffer in image like matrices.


But compiling OpenCV with CUDA support could take VERY VERY long if you compile for multiple GPU architectures and result in a very large library