Cuda Compile error (VS 2012 + Windows Server 2008R2)


I have a Tesla C2075 GPU installed in a Windows Server 2008R2 64bit maschine to be able to allow access for mutliple users. To facilitate programming the GPU I installed visual studio 2012 as recommended.

At first I tried to run the examples comming along with the CUDa 6.0 Toolkit (e,g, vectorAdd).
As admin this runs smooth, can compile the sources and run the executables.
As normal user, this fails (code 1). The calls are pretty much the same, so I am clueless.

Any hints?


Are the users over remote desktop? If so, you need to set the C2075 driver from WDDM to TCC mode.

See for more info:

Well, it is more a compile issue, as rrpd with my admin acount i can compile…