Issue with running cuda program on non developer machines under windows

Hi there,

I have a cuda program developed under windows 7 with visual studio 2010. Now I want to deploy it on client machines which have latest cuda drivers installed but without cuda toolkit and visual studio 2010.

The problem is that I can’t run .exe files on these client machines. I have installed vc++2010 runtime and update to the latest cuda drivers on these machinese, and also include cudart32_55.dll with .exe file.

Any suggestions?

A couple of things to check:
-reinstall the drivers directly from NVIDIA website, do a clean install, reset all defaults
-make sure the app was created in release mode
-if you are logging into the computer via windows remote connection, CUDA will not be able to use the graphics card. See this for more info:

Otherwise in theory by having the latest drivers and the correct dll files your application should run.