runnig cuda programms in visual studio???

hi every one… please help me… plz
I have an asus n82jq notebook, with nvidia gforce gt335m,
I have installed visual studio 2010 ultimate and cuda toolkit 4.2 .
I have trouble in using cuda inside visual studio and compile my program… I don’t have any idea about how to use cuda libraries inside visual studio.
and so importantly , what is the setting of visual studio for cuda to run on gpu?

Search the forum for cuda+ Visual Studio+ optimus.

You can have a look at

You may also consider using CUDA 5.5 instead of CUDA 4.2.

A very simple way to use CUDA under Visual Studio is to do the following:

File -> New -> Project

Then you will find the NVIDIA CUDA template among the installed ones. This will automatically configure the build customizations and other stuff you need.