Cuda, cudnn, pip, torch version for Isaacgym?

I installed cuda 11.3, cudnn 8.2.1, pip 20.3.1 ~ 22.1.2, torch 1.10.0+cu113. test was OK, but test has some error.(RuntimeError: Error building extension ‘gymtorch’)

Therefore i want to know optimal version of each program for Isaacgym.

Thank you

I am facing the same error. Do you have any updates on the error .(RuntimeError: Error building extension ‘gymtorch’)?

I’m getting the same error with Isaac Gym Preview Release 4. Are there any updates on this?

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Hi, can you provide a full minimum working example with all the complete installation steps you followed, so that we can reproduce the error?

Hi I am facing an error that I am not sure if it is related to this one. The pose is here:
IsaacGymEnv task run issue

Since I used

conda list -f pytorch

to find the required CUDA and cuDNN versions, I am currently using CUDA 11.1 and cuDNN 8.0.5 on a Driver version of 525.89. Could you please provide some information on this? If you require more information please let me know! Thank you