cuda driver 2.2 + kde4 compositing = crash

Is it some well known limitation of cuda drivers that you can’t enable compositing while using them? If I have effects enabled in kde 4 and try to start a session (in kde 4) using the cuda driver, it crashes. None of the other drivers did this

I’m on kubuntu 9.04. I’m seriously considering downgrading to cuda 2.1. The xorg responsiveness is TERRIBLE when running a kernel. I honestly had expected much better from the linux version of cuda.

problem solved, see my last post

This isn’t a known issue. However, there’s no connection between the CUDA driver & compositing using the X driver… Please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log.gz and detail how this can be reproduced.


I’m running KDE4 with neat effects + 185 + 2.2.

The system completely freezes during a kernel run because I only have one GPU on that box, but that’s expected. I suppose it could work better, but AFAIK running X11 and cuda on the same GPU has always been discouraged.

Everything else works well for me. No crashes.

thats ridiculous. I use cuda on a 1-gpu box all the time with vista and have zero problems.

and vista sucks

To be clear, the only major problem with running X11 and CUDA on the same GPU is the watchdog timer. (This is common to all operating systems.) For kernels which take less than a few seconds, there is no problem, but the GUI will not be very responsive unless the time per kernel call is much shorter than that. There should be no problems beyond this.

More stupid problems. I tried running cuda 2.1 driver and I get a failed X start saying some bull crap about mtrr base not aligned on a 0xe00000 boundary in dmesg

Sounds like your system has problems outside of CUDA.

nevermind everything. nobody told me that I could just get the latest linux display driver and run cuda with it. I thought you needed a “CUDA” driver or it wouldn’t work. Latest driver works fine

How responsive is “not very responsive”?
I do repeated kernel runs for many minutes at a time, and during that time, working on the computer within the GUI (KDE) is completely pointless.

How long does each individual kernel call take?

Just to add to the confusion: On my KDE 4.2 system, NVIDIA driver 185.18.08 will cause X to unexpectedly die right after KDE loads, whether composting is enabled or not. No other error messages are logged anywhere… Upgrading to 185.18.14 solved the problem.

known bug in 185.18.08, fixed by upgrading to literally anything later than 185.18.08

A few seconds each, on occasion enough to get killed.

Ok, that would explain why the GUI is unusable. The GUI can only update between kernel calls, and seconds between updates would be impossible to use normally. Kernel calls that take a few (or maybe tens of) milliseconds should leave the GUI in a usable state.