CUDA driver behaves differently on ubuntu 18.04 desktop and server

The computer is Dell PowerEdge T640 with one Telsa T4.

I follow the instruction on cuda manual and use to install Nvidia driver and CUDA environment.

It works well on Ubuntu desktop 18.04. I obtain the device status using nvidia-smi command. The power consumption is only about 10 watts when there are no CUDA tasks.

However, the driver doesn’t work well on ubuntu server 18.04. When I reboot the system, all of the fans of the computer always keep at high speed before user login to the OS and run nvidia-smi command. On the other side, the fans’ speed turns down but the output of nvidia-smi shows that the power consumption is about 30 watts (three times of that on desktop version) after I login to the OS.

How to check what is the problem?

Looking forward to your kind advice.

The NVIDIA Tesla T4 is not qualified for use in a Dell PowerEdge T640. Neither Dell nor NVIDIA support or recommend that usage.

If you have questions about usage of a Tesla GPU in a Dell server, you should be able to contact Dell for support.

If it is not a dell’s computer but an unbranded one, is there some advice?

Tesla products are intended to be installed in a OEM-certified server designed for their use. Putting them into other applications is not recommended nor supported by NVIDIA.