CUDA driver doesn't install on WinXP

CUDA Gurus,

Recently I’ve downloaded

  1. CUDA developer driver for WinXP Desktop (32-bit)
  2. CUDA ToolKit
  3. GPU Computing SDK from page

My laptop is DELL Precision M4300 with graphic card Quadro FX 360M. My initial driver version was 186.81. When I tried to install CUDA developer driver (version 286.19) it gave me error telling that no compatible graphics was found. I tried to download same driver (186.81) with modified .inf file from website and installed it. Error appeared anyway. It continued appearing even after I downloaded newest driver for my laptop from NVIDIA site (version 266.58). Does anybody know what may be the reason or tell me if I’m doing something wrong?

Regards, afanasiy

I’m quite newbie in GPU programming, particularly in CUDA… am I right in suggestion that graphic card has its own driver, developer driver still requires installation for running CUDA apps?

All right, seems I could solve the problem. I downloaded .inf file for driver 257.21 and installed CUDA developer driver with it. It couldn’t copy 1 .bin file and 1 .dll during installation, but at least demo programs execute successfully…