I am getting this error:

PROTOC src/caffe/proto/caffe.proto

CXX .build_release/src/caffe/proto/

CXX src/caffe/blob.cpp

In file included from src/caffe/blob.cpp:4:

In file included from ./include/caffe/blob.hpp:8:

In file included from ./include/caffe/common.hpp:19:

In file included from ./include/caffe/util/device_alternate.hpp:40:

./include/caffe/util/cudnn.hpp:126:15: error: no matching function for call to ‘cudnnSetPooling2dDescriptor’

CUDNN_CHECK(cudnnSetPooling2dDescriptor(*pool_desc, *mode, h, w,


./include/caffe/util/cudnn.hpp:15:28: note: expanded from macro ‘CUDNN_CHECK’

cudnnStatus_t status = condition; \


/usr/local/cuda/include/cudnn.h:799:27: note: candidate function not viable: requires 9 arguments, but 8 were provided

cudnnStatus_t CUDNNWINAPI cudnnSetPooling2dDescriptor(


1 error generated.

make: *** [.build_release/src/caffe/blob.o] Error 1

I’ve given my best but still getting this ERROR.

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks

Hello, I am bothering you. I have encountered the same problem with you now. Is your problem solved? Can you help me? thank you!

What is all this caffe stuff?