Cuda-gdb report internal error while using under wsl2

I am trying to use cuda-dbg under wsl2, my driver version is 531.41 and cuda version is 12.1. GPU card is RTX 2060S.
when I use cuda-gdb to debug my program, It reports “Error: Internal error reported by CUDA debugger API (error=CUDBG_ERROR_INTERNAL(0xa)). The application cannot be further debugged.” after exctuing the first cuda function,and also after starting new threads.

Hello Hiao, could you please check if the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\GPUDebugger\EnableInterface is present, with a value of (DWORD)1?
If not, create it and try again.

Yes,I have checked. The registry key “EnableInterface” is already set to 1(REG_DWORD).

Can you please provide the output of nvidia-smi?

Sorry, I didn’t reply in time, The nvidia-smi output is as follows

Thank you @hiao, can you run any cuda app outside of the debugger?
Also, can you try with the latest toolkit version 12.1U1?

yes, I can run cuda app outside the dubbger. And I have just tried the latest version, the question is still existing.