CUDA / GPU Meetup in Munich, Germany Sat & Sun, 31st July & 1st Aug 2010


I am in Munich for the next couple of days and I am wondering if there are any CUDA programmers here who would like to get together / meet up to talk about all things GPU / CUDA?

Regards, Andrew

Heya Andrew,

I am living and working in Munich. Would be nice to meet and talk a bit about CUDA. Today (Sat) I have a full schedule but what about the following days ? Are you only in town til sunday ?


Here, I live in Munich too ;)

Hi to all!

Im living in Munich and would like to share my experiences and learn more about CUDA / GPGPU. I would like to organize a meet up in June (2011!). Anybody interested?

Best Regards,
Rodrigo Koglin

Why don’t you guys start a Munich “chapter” of the HPC/GPU Supercomputing Meetup group. I’m a member of the New York group (though I missed today’s meeting), and it’s been very successful so far: