Anyone going to the GPU conference on 30th Sept? Had planned to go. Now can't. Looking for someo

I had been looking forward to going to the conference, but a death in the family means I have to go back to the United Kingdom next week and will miss the conference.

I’m looking for some people who will be my “eyes & ears” at the conference. Pick up info that they can later send to me, send me the odd e-mail on high points of the conference, hand out my business card to some people … that sort of thing.

I’m guessing we can come up with some quid-pro-quo deal so I can do some favors in return.

Anyway, anyone willing to help out should contact me by sending a message via this forum. As I say, I’d love to be there, but just can’t. And I’m happy to work out some deal with someone who can.

– Andrew