CUDA Install hangs forever, Windows 10, GeForce 920m


Install starts ok. I see some items installed under Start/Nvdia corporation/:

  • Nsight Monitor
  • Browse Nsight code samples
  • Browse nVidia tools extension
  • Shortcut on desktop - “NVIDIA Nsight HUD Launcher 2019.2”

But then installation banner gets stuck with
“Installation in progress
Installing Nsight Visual Studio Edition”

This runs for an hour now without any progress. Task Manager shows that “Nvidial Install Application” consumes 0 CPU, but ~3 Mb of memory.
Analyse wait chain tells that “setup.exe is running normally”.

It is already second time. First time, I had to kill it, restart and remove “Nsight Visual Studio Edition” from Installed Programs. VS apparently was installed, but it is not seen anywhere.

What should I do?

Do you have a version of visual studio installed?

Follow the instructions carefully in the windows install guide.

I have VS 2015 and VS 2017.
Trying to remove them but no luck.
Cannot remove “Nsight Visual Studio Edition” (listed in “programs and features”) as well.

I have reset my Windows-10 (it’ a pain) and now gradually, by saving restore points I managed to install CUDA.

Visual Studio 2015 must be installed before everything.

Yes, visual studio is supposed to be installed before CUDA.