CUDA installation problem

Hi, I don’t know if this has already been addressed but I currently have an RTX 3080 tuf gaming graphics card and have used it for gaming so far, along with the GeForce Experience app and relevant drivers. However, I also want to use this GPU for deep learning and TensorFlow. I attempted to download the CUDA toolkit but received this error code.

“You already have a newer version of the NVIDIA Frameview SDK installed.”

I also attempted to install tensorflow-gpu but received this error code since I don’t have CUDA installed

“Could not load dynamic library ‘cudart64_110.dll’; dlerror: cudart64_110.dll not found.”

Please let me know what I’m doing wrong!

Go to Control Panel and uninstall:

  • NVIDIA Frameview SDK
  • NVIDIA PhysX
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Thanks for the help! I didn’t uninstall PhysX and it still worked regardless. It seems Cuda will reinstall that anyways.