Cuda newb installation question

Hello, trying to set up Cuda to work in conjunction with Adobe Premiere Pro as I’m trying to edit with some 4k files and its stuttering to the point of uselessness. I’m running Windows 10, CPU/ i9-9900k, gpu/ Geforce RTX 2080 Ti

Installed Visual Studio 2019 C++ for Desktop
Ran Cuda Toolkit installer and finished
Followed through the quick guide
-ran nbody_vs2019.sin /output showed build succeeded
-ran nbody.exe …

Not sure what to do here as the quick guide just stops with no explanations. Theres a window which runs a never ending particle simulation and then another with some basic info then tells me what my gpu is, that it has a 7.5 capability, and leaves a cmd prompt.

So far, Premiere Pro is showing very little, if any, improvements in performance. (Project settings renderer is set to CUDA)

I went back to the longer installation guide and there are steps not included in the quick guide - 2.5 verify installation. I ran nvcc -V and it checked out. But I have no idea how to build a sample program from VS solution files to run the device query. So I’m pretty much stuck at this point with no way of knowing if everythings running like it should be. I’m really hoping Adobe can perform better than this…

It sounds to me like your nbody is running correctly, and that is a good test that CUDA is installed correctly.

You build sample programs from the VS solution files exactly the same way that you built and ran nbody from the nbody_vs2019.sln file.

Thanks for your response. Ahh, so do I just open the dll files in Visual Studio then? Another thing, cuda appears not to be working in adobe. I switched to an old 1080p project and it was almost as laggy as the 4k project- unable to scrub through the footage at all, too much lag. In project settings rendering and playback I switched back over to “Mercury Playback Engine Software Only” from “Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)” and it sped up considerably to where I was able to scrub through the footage again. Not sure really where to go from here.