#cuda on irc.freenode.net get mirc at www.mirc.com and install it

like i say downlaod mirc (its an internet relay chat program) and its free even past the trial…it just has a popup reminder to tell you to donate…

goto the servers tab and you fill in some fake details and dboule click on one of the freenode servers then hit the connect button

when you get on register your nick and then join #cuda

type /msg nickserv help for help information

i think to register you rnick you type
/msg nickserv register password
then you type
/msg nickserv identify password eachtime you login

but come talk on #cuda there are like 10 ppl in there right now

68 views and no replies?

say your going to come and visit???

its alot better to discuss live then leaving posts…

yes forums are good but so it live chat.

there are some people in here that no their crap pretty good.

im a noob (everyone here knows this already) but there was a guy i was talking to last night and he told me what most people are working on the channel and its pretty technical stuff.

if you have some problems with irc ill help you…and anyone running linux im sure you already know how to use IRC and are already in a channel.

note: the #C++ channel has over 1000 people chatting away.