CUDA on Solaris

Please? Pretty please? Solaris is so 1337. The application I’m working with runs twice as fast on Solaris as on Linux.

This site:…tion_perf&num=1 casually says “NVIDIA’s Linux and Solaris drivers are virtually identical.” I can’t imagine it’d be that hard to make a port? Is it being planned?

I’m not sure where Phoronix is getting their information, however they’re likely referring to the X driver.

That said, there are no current plans to support CUDA on Solaris.

Any update on this? Support for Solaris or Sun OS…

I’d expect Nvidia not to be keen on picking up a dead platform. But maybe the application runs faster on Linux now?
If not, it will probably make for a good thread on the kernel mailing list.

Yeah I was referring to Solaris/Sun OS support in general, not the original poster’s particular application.

I find it a bit curious that NVidia don’t address the Sun OS users. I expect there’s a good reason though…

Probably the same reason they don’t support, for example, BeOS or NetBSD. The market share probably isn’t large enough to justify the costs required to support it.

Solaris is a good stuff for x86 machine and I wait CUDA for this OS to