CUDA SDK build error: GL/glu.h: No such file or directory on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.3 Client

I saw some posts about the same/similar problem and the suggested solution was to install libgl1-mesa-dev or mesa-common-dev. I’m sure the installation will solve the problem on Debian or Ubuntu distros. However, I’m using a Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.3 Client, and I haven’t found libgl1-mesa-dev or mesa-common-dev for RHEL.

My question is: which libraries/packages should I install on RHEL? in other words: what is the equivalent of libgl1-mesa-dev or mesa-common-dev for RHEL distro?

Below is my system configuration:

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.66GHz; GPU: nVidia Quadro NVS 290; RHEL Client 5.3, Linux kernel 2.6.18-128.1.14.el5, X86-64; GCC 4.1.2

Any help/information would be greatly appreciated.


you need freeglut-dev or something like that

Thanks for the timely reply.

I did this:

rpm -qa | grep freeglut

and saw freeglut-2.4.0-7.1.el5. Looks like freeglut is installed, but not the devl version.

Also, I just found glx-utils-6.5.1-7.7.el5.x86_64.rpm and mesa-libGLU-6.5.1-7.7.el5.x86_64.rpm on Redhat’s website. I guess at least one of them is also an openGL utility library. What’s the difference between these libraries and freeflut ?

Thanks again,

yum install mesa-libGL-devel

yum install mesa-libGLU-devel

yum install libXi-devel

yum install libXmu-devel

yum install freeglut-devel.x86_64

Next time search the forum a bit harder or try a forum for your distro, I think they will help you better by finding the right packages :teehee:

Taken from:…st&p=572091

And here some information about freeglut:


Thanks! that solved the problem.

(how come I didn’t find the solution myself ? :"> )